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Introduction to Ha Tinh city general hospital
Ha Tinh City General Hospital is a third-class hospital. Established in 2008 and located in Vietnam's central Ha Tinh province, over the past years, Ha Tinh City General Hospital has overcome numerous difficulties and recorded notable achievements. Despite inadequate infrastructure, shortage of medical equipment and a limited budget for operations, Ha Tinh City Hospital has a contingent of qualified doctors and medical workers, who are providing services to over 200 in-patient beds and untold out-patient treatment including 28 doctors, 5 bachelor officers, and 92 qualified nurses. Currently, the hospital is equipped with modern techniques as follows:
      - CT-Scanner  System (Japan).
      - Digital X-Ray Film shooting System (Germany).
      - Portable biochemical testing machine, auto hematology testing system (Japan / Spain). Immunoassay machine – Early screening for cancer, viral hepatitis (Germany).
       - Color Ultrasound machine, Doppler heart, Doppler circuit, 3D and 4D fetal ultrasound (Japan / Germany / USA), EEG machines.
       And many modern machines such as lithotripsy outside the body machine; ENT endoscopes; ECG machine; Gauge respiratory function; Ventilator; Removal Machine Xmart pulp (US). Besides, the hospital has implemented new techniques applied to the examination and treatment as:
       - Eye Surgery with Phaco method (by Alcon - Eye Hospital Central America and technical support)
       - Hemorrhoids surgery with Longo method.
       - Urinary lithotripsy kidney outside the body.
Contact address
- Address:  456 Hai Thuong Lan Ong street – Thach Quy Ward – Ha Tinh city
- Phone number: 039.3855120

Board of directors