Ngày đăng tin: 10/12/2015 2:22:14 CH
Department of Oriental Medicine - Rehabilitation
Department of Oriental Medicine -  Rehabilitation was established in 2015. In the current structure, the department has 13 employees, including 1 Dr. Master of The East Medicine, 4 doctors, and 8 technicians.
The department has functions of medical examination and treatment; rehabilitation by combining traditional medicine with modern medicine for inpatiens and outpatients; couseling, treatment and rehabilitation for people with deficiencies, dysfunctions and sisabilities; Technically directing the rehabilitation activities based on the community. The department is using the paraclinical equipment and techniques in diagnosis and treatment of diseases: musculoskeletal pathology; disc hernia; Recovery sequelae stroke; Sleep disorders; Diuresis disorders; Urinary retention; Kidney stones ...At the same time, the department is also the training facility for specialized practice for downline learners and the students of the medical schools in province.