Ngày đăng tin: 03/12/2015 10:17:06 CH
Department of General Internal Medicine
General Internal Medicine of Ha Tinh city Hospital is full of specialty cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, endocrine, joints, … The doctor of department are full experienced. With 4 clinics, internal medicine has 18 staffs, including 1 manager who is master of internal medicine, 5 doctors and 12 nurses.
Department is equipped with new technologies such as ultrasound, cerebral blood flow, osteoporosis measuring machine, cardiovascular monitor, gastroscopy, duodenal endoscopy…
The department has functions: Organizing the examination and treatment for medical illnesses as stipulated by Ministry of Health: Inpatient treatment of diseases of the Respiratory, Gastroenterology - Liver, Kidney - Urology, Cardiology, Neurology, The - Bones - Joints...; Managing and consulting hypertension – diabetes room, Gastrointestinal endoscopy room; Electric Brain measuring room, bone densitometry room; Participating in mentoring in the field of internal medicine for the district hospitals; Continuous training for the medical staff of district bases in the province; Training and íntructing the clinical practice for the students of Ha Tinh Medical college.